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Australia's premium supplier of aquaculture jellyfish and aquariums.


Welcome to AquaX, Australia's innovative startup launched in 2021 by Oliver Underwood. My journey in the public aquarium industry spans over 15 years, during which I've had the privilege of building, operating, and managing some of the most prominent aquariums and expert teams.

My inspiration for AquaX struck while I was managing one of the largest jellyfish facilities globally. I envisioned having my own jellyfish aquarium at home, only to discover the surprising lack of available resources for jellyfish and specialized aquariums in Australia. This challenge ignited a spark in me to utilize my network and knowledge to design and construct my own jellyfish aquarium.

The creation of our first AquaX aquarium was not just a personal achievement but a gateway to sharing this unique experience with others. At AquaX, we are excited to offer bespoke jellyfish aquariums, bringing a piece of the ocean's wonder into homes and businesses. Join us on this incredible journey to explore and appreciate the beauty of aquatic life through our specially crafted aquariums.

Welcome to the AquaX family.


At AquaX, our philosophy is rooted in utilizing our extensive industry expertise to deliver high-quality, custom-made aquariums. Traditionally perceived as exclusive or inaccessible, we strive to make these premium aquariums available to the wider community. Our designs focus on being 'turn-key' – they are user-friendly and minimize the typical challenges faced by new aquarium enthusiasts. This approach ensures a seamless experience for our customers, making the joy of owning an aquarium easily attainable.

AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium 16L - AquaX

Oliver Underwood