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API Marine Saltwater Master Test Kit

API Marine Saltwater Master Test Kit

$76.80 AUD
A complete kit for testing marine, reef and salt water aquariums. Fast,Easy and Accurate. The Saltwater Master liquid Test Kit provides information on how to perform each test,what the results...
AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium 150L - AquaX

AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium 150L

$2,999.00 AUD$2,499.00 AUD
Experience the mesmerizing beauty and serenity of jellyfish right in your own space. Whether it's at home or in the office, the AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium offers a captivating, fully equipped...
AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium 16L/30L

AquaX Jellyfish Aquarium 16L/30L

$399.00 AUDFrom $349.00 AUD
Step 1: Choose Your Package   Select either the "Complete Marine Kit" or the "Aquarium Only" package. Both packages include the following essentials: LED Lighting System Feeding Pipette Handling Net...
Artemia Brine Shrimp Eggs - AquaX

Artemia Brine Shrimp Eggs

From $17.93 AUD
Product details Brine shrimp (artemia) is ideal feed for your young fish. No other feed is as rich in natural nutrients. Promotes the development of colouration and awakens the natural...
Artemia Hatchery

Artemia Hatchery

$43.78 AUD
Product details Simplest method of hatching brine shrimp eggs. Only the eggs and salt are required. It is not even necessary here to connect an aerator. Enables simple removal of...
Artemia Incubator Set - AquaX

Artemia Incubator Set

$115.47 AUD
Product details The professional incubator set provides everything needed for successful, long-term breeding of brine shrimp. The set includes: Incubator Artemix Artemia salt Breeding tank liquid starter feed Artemia sieve...
Artemia Salt 195g for 6l - AquaX

Artemia Salt 195g for 6l

$7.30 AUD
Product details A special salt for breeding brine shrimp. This salt is enriched with trace elements and phytoplankton which are present in the sea. Dosage: 32 g per litre of...
Artemia Sieve - AquaX

Artemia Sieve

From $9.30 AUD
Product details Sieve for skimming off nauplia and feeding to fish. Mesh 120 mµ. The HOBBY Artemia sieve is an indispensable tool for collecting and rinsing the hatched larvae. Frequently...
Hobby Artemix, Eggs + Salt, 195 G - AquaX

Hobby Artemix, Eggs + Salt, 195 G

$16.15 AUD
Product details Ready-made mixture of artemia eggs and artemia salt. The nauplia hatch after 24 - 36 hrs. HOBBY Artemix, that is the already ready, ideal mixture of Artemia eggs...
Jellyfish Powder Food 30g

Jellyfish Powder Food 30g

$15.00 AUD
Our 30g jellyfish powder food offers a convenient, nutritious option for feeding your jellies. Made from high-quality ingredients, this powder provides essential vitamins and minerals to support the health and...
Liquizell - Start feed - AquaX

Liquizell - Start feed

$15.35 AUD
Product details Liquid starter feed for larvae, for feeding as of 3 days' old and also for invertebrates. HOBBY Liquizell is the sole starter food for nauplii. It can be...
Moon Jelly (Aurelia aurita) - Aquax
S (2-4cm)M (5-7cm)L (9-11cm)

Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)

From $60.00 AUD
Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are stunning and captivating creatures that can be a unique addition to your jellyfish aquarium. These jellyfish have a delicate white bell that is approximately 3-4...